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What is Girl to Girl??? It’s a book. But it’s also an attitude about being a girl growing up today and it’s a way for girls to live and thrive. Girls are fun, adventurous, and active. They’ve never had more possibilities or choices about who they are and who they might want to be. Girl to Girl is here to help girls grow into all that they can be – happy, strong, smart and awesome. Most important of all: girls are social. Their relationships with their families, friends, coaches, classmates and boys are the most important thing in their lives and Girl to Girl is a guide to help girls understand - and enjoy - their many relationships. Join the Girl to Girl network. It’s free! It’s fun! Sign up for the email blast or just send your suggestions, comments, questions and ideas to anne@girltogirlbooks.com. And you can also order you copy of Girl to Girl: The Real Deal on Being a Girl Today!

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The New updated edition of Girl to Girl: The Real deal on being a Girl today!

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